Wedding Retouching

Not everything will go flawlessly on the wedding day. Busy scenes, poor weather, ill-fitting clothes, not enough sleep, and the list goes on and on. Your clients will notice, and it might be all they notice. Let our wedding retouchers fix it for you.

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$10 - $20
$20 +
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Object Removal Retouching People Removal Retouching
Object Removal
Body Retouching Slim Retouching
Body Shaping
Wedding Portrait Retouching Wedding Portrait Editing
Background Enhancement
Replace Sky Retouching Replace Sky Editing
Sky Replacement
Removing People Retouching Adding People Retouching
Portrait Enhancement
Removing People Retouching Adding People Retouching
People Addition
Body Reshaping Retouching Clothing Reshaping Retouching
Body and Clothing Reshape
Save The Date Retouching Save The Date Movie Poster
Save The Date Cards