About Us.

About the Company

We are inundated with images in our daily lives more than ever before. They drive our social interactions, brand indentity, sales, personal and business success, and much more. Untitled Job was founded on the goal of helping people bring out the full potential of their images that haven't quite matched their vision yet.

Photos don't come out the camera looking perfect. They never have. But we're here to remedy that by combining the use of new digital technologies with the skillful hand and creative eye of our experienced retouchers. Our platform and proprietary tools allow us to be extremely efficient while at the same time enhance our editing quality and services to you. We are determined to become the central place that every industry professional turns to for their image retouching needs.

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About the Founder

Peter Nguyen is an accomplished editorial and fashion photographer working in Toronto Canada. With over 20 years of experience in Photoshop he set forth on creating a company to share his retouching expertise with other industry professionals. Combined with over 25 years of programming experience, he created this platform and is continually developing digital tools to deliver images more true to life, faster, and more cost effective.

His photography works can be viewed at www.petern.ca